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The Mineral Rights Podcast: Mineral Rights | Royalties | Oil and Gas | Matt Sands

Feb 24, 2021

In part two of our renewable energy series, we talk about leasing your surface rights for solar power development (aka a solar farm).  From the terms to think about, going lease rates for solar developments, what would be installed on your property, and the actual carbon footprint of solar vs. natural gas power plants, we break it all down for you.

Even if you don't own large amounts of surface rights to lease for a solar development, this episode has something for you.  As mineral owners, it is important to be aware of how surface uses like a solar farm could impair the ability to use the surface to drill an oil and gas well.  When certain provisions need to be made in order to balance the often competing priorities of surface vs. mineral rights, the Accommodation Doctrine comes into play.  In fact, we discuss a recent court case in Texas that highlights this potential conflict. 

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