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The Mineral Rights Podcast: Mineral Rights | Royalties | Oil and Gas | Matt Sands

Jun 18, 2021

In my role as the president of the Colorado Chapter of the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO), I was invited to be a panelist on a Mineral Interest Owner Forum hosted by Great Western Petroleum, the largest oil and gas operator in Adams County Colorado. Thanks again to Great Western for organizing this event.

This episode features a replay of this Forum held on June 8th, 2021. It features a panel discussion between myself and Energy Attorney Jamie Jost about private property rights and making sure your voice is heard when oil and gas regulations are developed that could affect the future development of mineral interests.

This episode is a must listen for all Colorado mineral owners and useful tips for all mineral owners around protecting your private property rights and how to make sure your voice is heard when oil and gas regulations are developed.

You can also watch the replay of the discussion on my YouTube Channel where you can see the slides that were presented.

As always, you can find the show notes with links to resources mentioned in this episode at