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The Mineral Rights Podcast: Mineral Rights | Royalties | Oil and Gas | Matt Sands

Jun 3, 2021

In this month's Mineral Rights Podcast news episode for June 2021 we talk about Shell's plans to divest the Shell Deer Park Refinery and their recent lawsuit in the Netherlands, New Mexico's plans to go "green" with hydrogen (but are they just full of hot air?), an analysis of project profitability and why global oil and gas companies may have difficulty maintaining a consistent return on investment during their transition to a more green portfolio, and the next steps in the accommodation doctrine in Texas.

Shell to sell interest in Deer Park refinery to partner Pemex | New Mexico's oil and gas regions could become leaders in hydrogen power, congresspeople say | Global Oil, Natural Gas Companies Juggling Capital to Green Up Portfolios | Next Steps In Texas Surface Vs Mineral Rights? The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowing In The Wind


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